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Drying Basil & Parsley

The Basil plants…..


The leaves picked, washed and placed in dehydrator…


After about 35 mins…..


These were placed into a 500 ml Mason jar for use over the winter. We will continue to pick the leaves and do this process until the plants go to seed.

The parsley washed and spun dry in the lettuce spinner….


The leaves picked off the stems….


Placed spread out in the dehydrator…


And approx 1 hr later…


We will continue to do this until we have Mason Jars full of both for the winter. These herbs are great when making homemade pasta sauce, soups, stews, and chili.

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Storing The Hot Peppers


I had all these beautiful┬áhot peppers grown for the ‘Hot Lover’ in the house, but I knew there would be no way he could eat all of them while they were fresh.


However, I am not a great ‘preserver’ in the sense that I do not make pickles, relishes or salsas.

But I did not want to waste these easy to grow mixed hot peppers.


After washing them, slicing them open to remove the seeds, I cut them in 1/2 and arranged them on food dehydrator trays.


I was thinking that If it worked for the parsley and basil, and if I can buy dried chillis in the store, then it should work right?

And the answer….?



I used 2 pieces (therefore 1 pepper) in a homemade chilli this weekend and they added so much flavour! Not hot, although a little ‘warm’, it was perfect!

This is a 500 ml jar filled, and only needing 2 pieces / recipe, I’m sure it will last until this time next year when another batch is ready.

Here’s to a little internal heat this winter to keep us warm!