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Drying Basil & Parsley

The Basil plants…..


The leaves picked, washed and placed in dehydrator…


After about 35 mins…..


These were placed into a 500 ml Mason jar for use over the winter. We will continue to pick the leaves and do this process until the plants go to seed.

The parsley washed and spun dry in the lettuce spinner….


The leaves picked off the stems….


Placed spread out in the dehydrator…


And approx 1 hr later…


We will continue to do this until we have Mason Jars full of both for the winter. These herbs are great when making homemade pasta sauce, soups, stews, and chili.

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Basil Harvest

The Basil plants have been doing so well and it was time to do a large harvest of leaves.

After plucking the leaves off, they were soaked in cold water to wash and rinsed really well. Left out on towels to dry we were able to fill two large glass containers with basil leaves.


We will be sharing the abundance with our neighbours & friends – they taste great and are a wonderful addition to salads and vegetable dishes.